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Schumacher DSR ProSeries Battery Charger PSW-3060 Review

Output Amps: 300 amp, 200 amp, 60 amp, 30 amp

List Price: $369.99

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If you’re looking for an industrial, professional strength battery charger and maintenance platform, look no further than the Schumacher DSR ProSeries PSW-3060.

I work in the maintenance department of the regional transportation district (the city bus company) here in southern Colorado, and we use the Shumacher PSW-3060 daily.

It has everything you need (and more) in an industrial-strength battery charger. The Schumacher DSR ProSeries Battery Charger is the ticket for any of your heavy duty industrial equipment or fleet operations that need emergency power and/or battery system maintenance and testing capabilities.

For the emergency starting, it comes with 300 cranking amps (for 12V) or 200 cranking amps (for 6V) respectively; both of which are more than enough to spark up any battery.

For quick battery charging, you can use to 60 amp “rapid charge”, which charges a normal battery in half an hour to two hours; or you can use the 30 amp regular charge which performs the same task in about one in three hours.
Another thing I particularly like is the large face, easy to read amp and volt meters with the graduated scales Built into the front of the PSW-3060.

Since I have problems reading up close (not sure if that is “near” or “far” sighted), the larger meters on the PSW-3060 are preferable to some of the other chargers I’ve used since the meters on these other models almost require a magnifying glass to read them.

The PSW-3060 also comes with 600 amp heavy-duty chrome plated steel clamps with rubber coated handles and what feels like a railroad spring that really keeps these clamps attached when you hook them up.

The included 6 foot, heavy-duty, commercial gauge, welding grade cables means minimal current loss; and the cables retain their flexibility even in the coldest temperatures.

One other thing I really like about the PSW-3060 is the extra long 9 foot AC line cord which gives you a much better reach the other wheeled chargers I have worked with.

Other Cool Features I’ve Discovered

Two other features that make this charger stand out are the built-in timer and its construction.

The PSW 3060 comes with a 135 minute timer with a “Hold” position so that complete control of the charge duration. And the PSW-3060 is built like a rock. I don’t know if you could damage it if you wanted to; and the rugged metal case looks pretty cool with the powder finish.

It’s Priced Right Too

We are able to get the PSW-3060 for a little over $400 online; even though retails in the stores for more than $530.

So if you’re in the market for a rugged, cost effective, industrial battery charger that does more than you can ask of it, then the Schumacher PSW-3060 is certainly worth a look.

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