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Schumacher IP-125 Instant Power Jump Starter With 12 Amp Hour Battery Review

Cold Crank Amps: 112

List Price: $104.20

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I actually came across this Schumacher IP-125 Instant Power Jump Starter completely by accident.

In my case, I was shopping at one of the big box home improvement stores; Lowe’s or Home Depot, I cannot remember which. I came out from the store and my battery didn’t have enough power to turn over the engine.

It was pretty late and dark, and the parking lot was almost empty so I couldn’t find anyone that would give me a jump. I remembered back in the tools section of the store walking past one of these portable jump starters, and since it was around $50, I went back in and purchased it.

Bringing it out to the car, I opened the box of the IP-125, and started reading the manual. My heart sank when I got to the part in the manual that said that this model needed to be charged for 24 hours before first use.

With nothing to lose, I hooked it up to my battery, and hit the button to jump the battery.
To my surprise, my car fired right up; so I put the charger in the back seat and headed home.

Once back at the house, I began to delve a little deeper into this handy little tool that had just saved my bacon.

Here is a very similar testimonial on the Schumacher IP-125 Jump Starter from…

I’ve used this thing a lot, being that I hardly leave the house and have two cars. It will start a dead as a door nail battery several times before needing recharging. End Edit.

I had a battery that only provided enough power to make a click when turning the key. I ordered this, charged it for a day and hooked it to my battery. Finding the proper grounding spot is critical. I was alerted to the fact that I found a good ground finally after the 2004 Nissan Frontier Pickup’s interior lights came on and the ding (key in ignition with open door) started blaring. The truck started right up.

I then later used it to start a battery in a 2000 Mustang. The battery was very drained and the car would not start, similar to the above scenario. Found the ground spot and the car started. After plugging the device back up, in less than an hour it was fully recharged.

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What I Found Out About the Schumacher IP-125

First off, don’t let the little size of this IP-125 fool you. It packs a lot of power in a small size unit. It has a 12 amp hour internal battery, and certainly has enough power to jump start my Dodge Neon (it has four times so far to date already).

I like the LED indicators on the front of the IP-125, which tell you the status of the internal charge in the unit. It shows you when it is fully charged, 75% charged, or 50% or less; so that you know when you need to plug in your charger so it is ready for future use.

And once charged, it appears to last a pretty long time between uses.

It is really light, and takes up absolutely no space in the trunk. And it has a rugged feel to it; even though it is made out of plastic.

Personally, I would have liked to have the attached cables a little longer, thought they work just fine as is. And this IP-125 did not come with an included power cord, which I found to be strange.

After all, you have to recharge the unit; so how about a power cord with which to do it? I discovered that using a simple extension cord worked fine for this, but I still found it strange that an electrical device was sold without an included power cord.

Overall, the four times I have used the Schumacher IP-125, it did exactly what it was supposed to do… It gave me an emergency start when I needed it. And since it is lightweight, compact, and pretty durable, I think that it was $50 well spent.

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