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Schumacher SC-8000A Speed Charger Review

Output Amps: 2 amp, 12 amp, 30 amp

List Price: $197.39

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Here’s my story about the Schumacher SC-8000A speed charger.

I bought this charger because I live in the country and have several snowmobiles and quad runners that continually lose the charge in their batteries.

After doing a little research online, I chose the Schumacher SC-8000A because of the reviews that were almost all positive on the SC-8000A.

I bought it online for right around $80, and I got free shipping included that was actually pretty fast.

Upon opening the package, I discovered what appeared to a strong, sturdy unit with a gray propylene case, a retractable handle, and push button controls that allowed me to choose and change the different charging rates.

The Schumacher SC-8000A In Action

I took this unit out to the barn, and immediately hooked up the first quad runner battery.

According to the manual, the SC-8000A uses a computer chip to control the charge rate, and the chip also picks up information about the charging process and the battery’s condition to eliminate any battery overcharging.

The SC-8000A is designed for both 6V and 12V deep cycle, gel cell, and AGM batteries, and the quad battery was charged completely in about half the time that my old charger used to take.

The display on the front of the SC-8000A is bright and easy to read, and the charge percentage display seems to be accurate on each of the four batteries I have charged to date.

I like the “diagnostic” mode on this charger as well; when hooking up the battery to be charged, it automatically does a diagnostic check on the battery before kicking into charge mode.

There is also a feature built into the SC-8000A that will allow an alternator check; but it not a feature that I have used so far.

The Schumacher SC-8000A Tech Stats

The Schumacher SC-8000A has a 30 amp “rapid charge” setting and a 12 amp “fast charge” setting. Both of these are self adjusting, which means that the SC-8000A will adjust the charge rate automatically to prevent any battery damage.

It also has an 80 amp “engine start” feature as well, which I have used once on my truck; and it sparked up right after being connected and turned on.

And according to the manual, this charger should be compatible with pretty much any auto or boat battery.

Satisfied With the SC-8000A

For what I have done so far with the SC-8000A charger, I am more than satisfied with both the price and the performance of this charger.

And the design, ease of use, and bright LED displays make the SC-8000A a good charger for my quad runner and snowmobile batteries.

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