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Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger Review

Output Amps: 2 amp, 6 amp

List Price: $39.99

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This battery charger has literally been around for decades.  Not too many companies have the ability to build a product in which they can sell the same model over and over to several generations.  When you find a product that CAN pass the test of time, you’ve struck gold.

The Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger is pure gold.

This particular Schumacher model isn’t a battery tender – it is NOT a battery charger that you can leave on the battery for weeks to maintain the battery without damaging it.

However, it has a minimum of bells and whistles, and therefore has fewer “points of failure”, which is probably why I have spoken to several old timers who still have their original Schumacher SE-82-6 that they purchased 20+ years ago.

The Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger has two modes of operation:  2 amp and 6 amp – plain and simple.  The 6 amp charging mode is perfect for larger car and truck batteries.  The 2 amp mode is great for those smaller batteries, such as garden tractors, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and even those little electric cars that the kids use.

I suppose my only complaint about this battery charger would be that it’s not automatic.  I know that I said that manual battery chargers have fewer “features” to break, but I still see it as a negative in this day and age.  Personally, I tend to have a little bit of ADD.  So, if I put the battery charger on the battery and then become involved in something else, I run the chance of accidentally overcharging the battery.  Overcharging the battery can cause some serious damage to both the battery and the charger.

My other negative would probably be the fact that I prefer slightly thicker cable.  But, this is less of a defect and more of me just being picky.  The thinner cables give me the impression of using a toy to do a man’s job.  I’m sure it’s all in my head, though.  These cables are thin, but they do the job quite well.

What do I like best about the Shumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger?

That’s easy.  Like all Schumacher battery chargers, this thing is a workhorse.  This model in particular has withstood the test of time, having been in production for almost 30 years.  It’s simple, and doesn’t need a degree in electronics to use.

The very best part?

The PRICE, of course.  The Schumacher SE-82-6 Dual Rate Manual Battery Charger sells for about $30 or $40, depending on where you get it.  If you decide to purchase it locally, you may spend closer to $40, and have to pay sales tax.

If you purchase online, you’ll pay a little less, may not have to pay tax (depending on your state), but you may have to pay for shipping.  Luckily, lots of retailers offer free shipping to encourage people to purchase from them instead of driving to the hardware store.

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