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Schumacher SSC-1000A Automatic Speed Battery Charger Review

Photo of the Schumacher Battery Charger (SSC-1000A)Output Amps: 2 amp, 6 amp, 10 amp

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The Schumacher Battery Charger is an amazing device.  I purchased my first Schumacher a few years ago, during an unseasonably cold winter in Colorado.

The temperatures were getting down into the single digits and even the negatives almost every night, and would sometimes extend into the days.  It was really playing havoc with the various batteries in our assorted vehicles owned by our family.

So, I began shopping around for a battery charger that was not only of good quality (I always buy good quality, even if it costs a little more), but also easy to use since I am not always around 24/7 to work the battery charger when someone has an urgent need.  In other words, it has to be wife and/or teenager proof.

After some careful research, I can across the Schumacher battery charger.  After reading one glowing review after another, I decided to order the Schumacher SSC-1000A battery charger from an online store.

I think that I paid about $55 or $60 for the charger.  The standard shipping was minor, but I opted for a faster delivery due to the exceptionally cold weather we were having.  My dad senses were tingling and I had one of those gut feelings that I would need it at some point soon.

Since I had put a rush on the shipping, it only took about 3 days to receive the charger.  I quickly unpacked the box and took a good look at it.  Pretty!  But, looks don’t mean much when you are talking about these kinds of tools.

I’ve used this charger several times. Most recently to revive the battery in my wife’s mini van. It was drained to less than 6v when my kids left the interior lights on. In the past, this would have been a death sentence for the battery, but the SSC-1500A was able to recharge it without any problems. It’s been over 2 months and her car starts just fine. Considering it’s winter in Alaska, that’s no small feet for a battery that was drained as far as her’s was.

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Upon picking up the Schumacher for the first time, however, I was very happy to notice the solid “feel” the unit had!  This thing just felt well-built.  Hey, now we are getting somewhere!  Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying it’s heavy… I’m just saying that it’s not a cheap piece of lightweight junk.

The particular charger (the Schumacher SSC-1000A) was designed for marine usage.  This was actually one of the reasons I decided on this particular model.  Hardware and electronic devices built for high-humidity, nasty, salty environments are usually built better and built to last, because they are designed for extremes.

I had a couple of old batteries out in the garage, so I decided to test it out.

Since the Schumacher battery charger can tackle just about anything you throw it (large batteries, smaller batteries, batteries of varying volts and amps) I decided to test it on an AGM battery and two old “maintenance free” batteries that I had previously taken out of some old cars.  My Schumacher performed flawlessly, testing the batteries, charging the batteries, and even showing that one of the “maintenance free” batteries was bad.

The Schumacher battery charger is the Cadillac of chargers, but it’s not all for show.  This thing is a workhorse!

There is a push-button selection button that allows the user to toggle between various displays, showing different types of data.  All of this is on a digital display, so there is no trying to read a little fluctuating needle.  Some of the data on the Schumacher includes voltage of the battery, charge percentage, rate of charge, and battery test results.

The 10 amp “fast charge” is great for most car and truck batteries, but what is really nice about the charge function is the way it constantly monitors the battery’s charge level to ensure that the battery isn’t overcharged.  Why do other battery charger manufacturers think it’s okay to keep charging a battery after it’s reached 100% anyway?

Just for the record, there is a slower 2 amp charge mode that is supposedly good for smaller batteries.  But, honestly, I have not used this feature.  I don’t have many small batteries to test out the Schumacher battery charger in this regard.

The Schumacher will not only charge batteries, but it will also test them to make sure the battery is good enough to charge.  This is a HUGE time saver!  Who wants to spend time messing around with a battery is beyond the point of no return?  Not me.  As I said before, the Schumacher battery charger detected one of my batteries as bad, so I put it in the “recycle pile” for later disposal.

I put a new battery in my car last year. I don’t drive very much, so having a good battery is important. During winter, my car sometimes has trouble keeping enough of a charge on the battery to start. This battery charger mitigated the problem completely. The display, while only 3 digits, provides better information than most other units because it can display either the Voltage coming off the battery, or the estimated current charge, as a percentage.  I charged my battery at the 10 Amp rate, and it took less than 2 hours, and informed me it was complete with a little green light below the display. In the past, I’ve used a much older charger, which took a whole night to charge a car battery. Instead of ruining an entire evening, now I can charge my battery when I get home from work, and leave after eating dinner!

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As far as the exterior goes, it’s super easy to handle.  Cord storage is completely self-contained for the most part.  I already mentioned the solid feel of the device, but it’s easy enough for a kid to carry.  It’s still only around 6 pounds.  I’ve owned laptops heavier than this.

I suppose if I had one complaint about the Schumacher battery charger (the one I purchased in particular) would be the noise.  But, this isn’t really a legitimate complaint, as I know why it’s loud.  I know from working with electronics that HEAT is the #1 enemy of any electronics device.  If you don’t keep them cool, they aren’t going to last long.  So, the fan noise coming from my original Schumacher is actually a reassuring sound to me, as I understand the my battery charger is designed to last longer than most.

All in all, this is one awesome charger, and I would recommend it to anyone that I know.

Since that first winter, I have purchased 5 Schumacher battery chargers, of various models.  Two of them were for myself (one for home and one to travel with me in the van).  One was for my dad, and two for a couple of close friends who are into high-quality tools/gadgets like me.

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