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Schumacher Wheel Charger SE-4225 Review

Output Amps: 2 amp, 40 amp, 60 amp

List Price: $157.34

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My experience with the Schumacher SE-4225 has overall been pretty positive. We use this charger in our busy auto repair shop both to start cars with dead batteries, and to charge these dead batteries as well.

It has performed both tasks fast and efficiently. The SE-4225 is a wheeled charger that is easy to maneuver around the shop, and has a heavy duty timer that is controlled manually (it is not a digital, computer controlled charger).

The SE-4225 Has Worked Every Time

This charger has plenty of emergency starting power with 225 amps, and has worked every time we have used it to kick start a dead battery that was still mounted in the car.

There is also a 65 amp rapid charge setting, along with a 40 amp fast charge and a 2 amp “trickle” charge setting; these are controlled by the rotary switches on the front of the unit.

The clamps on the cables appear to be very heavy duty, and stay clamped on once you hook them up, and there is a clamp bar on the handle which is a nice convenience as well.

It is very easy to use, and the timer controlled manual setting switches also provides protection from overcharging. I also like the adjustable speed charge settings, so I can re-charge dead batteries in about two hours.

And the trickle charge is nice for our in shop batteries; as it keeps them charged and maintained while on the shelf.

Another thing I like about the SE-4225 is that with the manual control, the charger will stop automatically if the battery is shorted; or if you try to start a vehicle with a lower amp setting.

My Experiences With the Schumacher SE-4225

This charger does exactly what is advertised. And since the price is around $120, it is cost effective as well.

When shopping around, at first I was looking at getting a digital charger, but I couldn’t justify the extra expense since the SE-4225 works just fine as it is.

And the physical construction of this charger is rock solid as well; plus I like the silver powder paint on the exterior.

I would have liked a little bigger charging meter on the front, as the one on the SE-4225 is a little hard to read; but that is a very minor drawback to a pretty solid 12V wheeled charger.

If you have an auto shop that needs emergency starting power and battery recharging capabilities, then the SE-4225 is hard to beat for the price.

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